Who Are the Genuine Orthodox Christians?




The Genuine Orthodox Christians are those who reject   every form of modernism in the Church, who cling to a pure confession of   faith in Christ, and who do not have communion with bishops or priests who   teach heresies or pray with heretics.

When did the Genuine Orthodox separate from   the modernist bishops?

The distinction between the “Genuine” Orthodox and   the Ecumenist “Orthodox” dates to 1924, when the Patriarchate of   Constantinople and the state Church of Greece uncanonically changed from the   Church calendar to the civil calendar. Many of the faithful did not accept   this change and separated from the modernist bishops in order to keep pure   their confession of faith.

Why did the modernist bishops change to the   New Calendar?

In their encyclical of 1920, the Ecumenical   Patriarchate of Constantinople stated specifically that they planned to   change the calendar in order to have feast days together with the Catholics   and Protestants. THIS, and not any reason of “astronomical accuracy,” was   their reason for changing. The new calendar was the first step in pursuing   the agenda of Ecumenism.

What is “Ecumenism”?

Ecumenism is the teaching that there is no such   thing as the Truth clearly revealed by God, that all religions are equally   man-made.

Within Christianity - Ecumenism teaches that no   church is The True Church, but that the true Church was lost and all the   different groups, including all the various heresies and sects, have to unite   in order to “re-create” the true Church.

In the world at large - Ecumenism teaches that the   Christian gospel is only “a truth,” not “THE truth.” All other religions are   as equally valid as the Christian faith.

What do Ecumenists do?

The main thing Ecumenists do is get together to   “pray” to a fictional, generic “god” in phony prayer services. Thus you will   see supposedly Orthodox patriarchs, bishops, and priests “praying,”   performing weddings, etc. with Roman Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis, Moslem   mullahs, Hindu priests, and even witch doctors.

Why don’t the Genuine Orthodox Christians   participate in this?

Because we won’t do anything that denies the Truth:   that the Holy Trinity is the ONLY GOD and that Christ is THE ONLY SAVIOR FOR   ALL MEN.

Is it enough simply to have the Old   Calendar?

No! There are many today outside of Greece who   follow the Old Calendar but still participate in   Ecumenism! The Old Calendar is   necessary to being Genuine Orthodox, but it is not enough: To be a true   Orthodox Christian, one must not only be following the Old Calendar, but   also:

1. Have no communion with the Ecumenist bishops and   priests.

2. Strive as hard as possible to be under a bishop   who is truly Orthodox and who himself does not commune with or depend on the   Ecumenists.

3. Try as hard as possible to keep the Holy   Tradition in one’s own life: the Church’s unchanging life of prayer, fasting,   and striving for salvation.