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Our Parish 

The Parish is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is inseparably united spiritually, ecclesiologically, and canonically with the Holy Metropolis of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of America (“Holy Metropolis”) and shall always follow the Orthodox Patristic Festal Calendar and shall always maintain ecclesiastical communion with the Holy Metropolis and its locally established Diocese. 


The parish constitutes a part of the Holy Metropolis, inasmuch as the Holy Metropolis remains in full communion with the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, presently under His Beatitude Archbishop KALLINIKOS of Athens and all Greece and his Holy Synod. 

The parish is the local Eucharistic community of the diocese and is subject to the rule and pastorship of the Ruling Hierarch, within the framework of Orthodox Canon Law, the Constitution of the Holy Metropolis, and this Regulation. 

Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of this Parish is the sanctification and salvation of all of its members through participation in the Mystery of the Divine Eucharist and the other Sacred Mysteries of the Orthodox Church.The Parish is organized to serve the religious needs of its members, under the jurisdiction of the Holy Metropolis. 

The purpose of the Parish is to observe and preserve the sanctity and unity of the doctrines, life, and canon law of the Orthodox Church; to promote its doctrines and teachings; to observe maintain, practice, and promote its divinely inspired Traditions; to promote and follow the Orthodox Patristic Festal Calendar; to promote and facilitate the spiritual welfare of its Parishioners; and to protect its Parishioners from heretical influences, ecclesiastical errors, and secularization of the Orthodox spiritual life.

The Parish shall express the life of the Church in its local community according to the Orthodox Christian Faith and Tradition, sanctifying the faithful through the Divine Liturgy and the Holy Mysteries. It shall build the spiritual life of the faithful in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, Orthodox Patristic tradition, and the definitions and canons of the Holy Apostles and the Ecumenical and Local Councils of the Orthodox Church. 

The Parish shall conform faithfully to the typikon, sacramental life, doctrines, canon law, and discipline of the Orthodox Church. It shall also adhere to all the encyclicals of the Holy Eparchial Synod and to the spiritual pastorship of the Ruling Hierarch who is appointed by the Holy Eparchial Synod and presides over, oversees, and reviews all the life, activities, operations, and ministries of the Parish.

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To learn more about our church mission and the benefits to all who are thirsty for our Lord's Word, the true purpose of our existence that fades away with time, please visit us often, or visit our Metropolis web site below.