Traditional Religious Holidays


  1. The Dorminion of the Theotokos
  2. Cheese Fare
  3. The Feasts of the Holy Apostles
  4. The Feast of the Great Pentacost
  5. 2nd Sunday of Great Lent - Sunday of the Paralytic
  6. 3rd Sunday of Great Lent - The Sunday of The Holy Cross
  7. 4th Sunday of the Great Lent - The Healing of The Demonized Boy
  8. Sunday of the Blind Man
  9. Sunday of the Holy Fathers - 1st Ecumenical Synod
  10. Confession - In Greek text
  11. Tenth Sunday of Matthew 
  12. Strength from the lives of Orthodox Saints - In Greek text 
  13. On the Forgiveness of Sins - In Greek Text
  14. The Dorminion of the Theotokos - In Greek Text