Announcements for June 2019


Schedule of Services and Events



1 Saturday 7:30 PM  Vigil (Vespers/Orthros)   

2 Sunday 6th Sunday of Pascha, Sunday of the Blind Man  9:30 AM Hours, Divine Liturgy    11:30 AM Vespers for the Feast of St. Constantine 6:00  PM Small Compline, Adult Class     3 Monday Holy Equals to the Apostles Constantine and Helena  8:30 AM Orthros and Divine Liturgy   

5 Wednesday 7:30 PM Great Vespers for the Feast of the Ascension   6 Thursday ASCENSION OF THE SAVIOR    8:30 AM Orthros and Divine Liturgy   

8 Saturday 7:30 PM Vespers   

9 Sunday 7th Sunday of Pascha, Holy Fathers of the First Council  8:30 AM Orthros and Divine Liturgy    Parish Dinner at Rochester College   

14 Friday 7:30 PM Vespers   

15 Saturday Soul Saturday - Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed  8:30 AM  Orthros, Divine Liturgy, Memorial   

7:30 PM  Vigil (Vespers/Orthros) for Pentecost   

16 Sunday PENTECOST    9:30  AM  Hours and Divine Liturgy    11:30 AM  Vespers of Holy Spirit Monday, the "Kneeling Prayers"    6:00  PM  Small Compline, Adult Class   

17 Monday Monday of the Holy Spirit    8:30 AM Orthros and Divine Liturgy   

22 Saturday 7:30 PM Vespers   

23 Sunday 1st Sunday of Matthew, All Saints    8:30 AM Orthros, Divine Liturgy   

24 Monday Begin Apostles' Fast June 24th - July 2nd - Fr. Steven will be in New York to film new segments of our 70x7 catechesis series, attend the Clergy Synaxis, and participate in the feast day of St. John Monastery.   

29 Saturday 7:30 PM Vespers   

30 Sunday 2nd Sunday of Matthew    9:30 AM Orthros, Hours, Typika    

Dates above are new calendar for convenience.  Consult your liturgical desk calendar for the daily commemorations according to the Orthodox calendar, the fasting rules, and Scripture reading citations.   

Announcements:    1.  Our monthly dinner will be on Sunday, June 9th.     

2.  Please bring your kollyva and commemoration lists for the Soul Saturday either on Friday night or early Saturday morning!     

Looking ahead:   Mark your calendar!   Annual Parish Picnic at Dodge #4 State Park in Waterford, on Saturday, July 20th.   (Make sure you get your State of Michigan recreation pass!).